Česká národopisná společnost

The digitized Ethnographic Journal


Czech-Slavonic Ethnographic Journal – the first special periodical issued by the then Czech-Slavonic Ethnographic Society. After the journal called Český lid (Czech Folk), it is the second-oldest ethnologic journal in our republic. The editor-in-chief of the fi rst four volumes was František Pastrnek, then it was Jiří Polívka who edited two further volumes.


With its content and structure, it followed the older Věstník Národopisné společnosti československé (Journal of the Czech Ethnological Society), just its title reflected the narrow cooperation with the Slovakian sister society.


A small print published in the period when the publishing of the Národopisný věstník českoslovanský / československý (Czech-Slavonic / Czechoslovak Ethnographical Journal) was interrupted. Among others, it brought texts elaborated by local correspondents, information about questionnaire surveys, wording of several questionnaires etc.


The renewal of a scientific journal with modified name was initiated by a group of Brno ethnologists in 1966. Between 1974 and 1984, the publishing was interrupted again. Václav Frolec, Jaroslav Kramařík, Karel Fojtík and Antonín Robek worked as editors. In 1992, as a consequence of political changes, the Národopisný věstník československý (Czechoslovak Ethnographical Journal) was transformed into the Národopisný věstník (Ethnographical Journal) published solely in the Czech Republic.


In 1906, it substituted the older Národopisný sborník českoslovanský [Czechoslavic Ethnographical Anthology]. Between 1914 and 1924, when the Český lid [The Czech Folk] journal was not published, it was the only central periodical of the discipline in Czechoslovakia. The continuous publishing of the Journal was interrupted in the 1930s by economic difficulties, and then by World War II. The post-war revitalization of the Journal was by order discontinued in 1956. Between 1906 and 1956, the Czechoslavic Ethnographical Journal had the following successive editors: Jiří Polívka, Jiří Horák, Karel Chotek and Drahomírá Stránská.


Older numbers of the Ethnographical Journal are not always available for all those interested in studying them. For this reason, it is possible to use the digitized form of the Czechoslavic Ethnographical Journal from the years 1906 through 1934 (1st through 27th-28th year) on the website of the National Institute of Folk Culture in Strážnice – in the open electronic library: the Digitized Ethnographical Journal.

1992- to date

A reviewed professional journal published since 1992; with its conception, it claims allegiance to older journals published by the Society. Thanks to this tradition, we can consider it to be the second longest-published ethnological journal in the Czech Republic. It is included in the national List of reviewed non-impacted journals. Since 2008, two numbers a year have been issued. Josef Kandert, Jiřina Veselská, Miroslav Válka, Daniel Drápala worked as editors of particular volumes.

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